How to Listen

How to listen to Wirral Radio

You can listen to Wirral Radio in a number of ways  FM, DAB digital radio, online (on computers and apps) and on TV.

92.1 FM

We broadcast across Wirral and Merseyside from our new transmitter site on Bidston Hill. We have invested in a new state of the art antenna and the power output of our transmitter has more than doubled. 

On newer FM radio’s the word ‘Wirral ‘ will also appear along with our frequency 92.1.

DAB digital radio

You can now listen to Wirral Radio on your Digital Radio. If you haven’t got one they retail from around £20 with no additional subscription necessary.

Which’s advice on what to do before you buy a digital radio

Digital Radio. logo

Clearly digital quality

Say goodbye to analogue hiss and crackle, DAB digital radio brings you much less interference and a massive sound quality upgrade for AM stations.

The end of confusing frequencies

Forget about remembering frequency numbers, a DAB digital radio displays the stations by name.

Digital radios have screens showing you more information about what you’re listening to. Whether you’re looking for the title and artist of the song, the news headlines, or the latest sports results, check the screen to see if it’s there.

Control of your listening

Certain digital radios now include the ability for you to pause and rewind live radio – so you can answer the phone, then listen to the end of that feature. Others let you set a timer to record a specific programme at a specific time. Both options give you flexibility and put you in control of your listening.

On some DAB digital radio’s  you may have to press the re-tune or re-scan button to find us.


Wirral Radio App – It’s free to download for both apple and android phones. You can also see our twitter  feed and send us a message from within the app.

 Web App

     get-it-on-google-play-store-logo Apple Store

Digital TV – You can listen to Wirral Radio on your telly. Just look out for the Tune-In app

Tune-In App – We currently have over 5000 followers that listen to us via this free app. It’s available on your phone and for your PC.

Just click on the Tune-In logo to be taken to our page.