Diamond Winners

    Our Wirral Diamonds awards ceremony and gala dinner will took place on Friday, the 5th of May, at Hillbark Hotel and Spa, where we honoured our very own local heroes. Thank you to all our listeners who sent in nominations for an award.  We are proud and delighted to announce the winners below.

    Special Achievement Award                                                                           

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    Our Special Achievement Award goes to Leo Williams, a remarkable six year old boy who has demonstrated exceptional maturity and determination well beyond his years.

    The family have always preferred outdoor activities and have instilled a love of outdoor adventure in both of their children, of whom Leo is the youngest.  His dad is a professional boxer and both parents have an active lifestyle. 

    Leo decided he wanted to do something extraordinary to raise funds for a local harity called Community Spirit Wirral and, with his mum and dad, he came up with the idea of the three peaks challenge. That means walking or climbing the three highest peaks in the UK which are Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis and Snowdon. This is a feat most adults would struggle to complete, never mind a child of six years old.

    Leo completed the Ben Nevis climb just recently over Easter in the harshest of conditions.  He is looking forward to coming to the awards ceremony with his parents and family.

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    Teacher of the Year Award

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    Our Teacher of the Year Award goes to April McGoldrick, an English teacher from Birkenhead School in Oxton, who is an inspirational teacher who has made a significant difference to the learning experience of her pupils.

    April has been teaching for 33 years and before taking up her post at Birkenhead School she taught at Bebington, West Kirby Grammar School and Caldy Grammar School.

    She puts a tremendous amount of her own time into extra-curricular activities.  She co-ordinates a creative writing course in Criccieth in Wales, where she takes up to 16 children for the weekend.  She also organised a trip to New York for 20 children taking in a drama workshop on Broadway, plus seeing Les Miserables.  She does this trip regularly all in her own time and totally unpaid.

    April has successfully passed on her enthusiasm on to the students and encouraged them to participate in extra-curricular activities such as ski-ing trips, speaking and listening competitions, maths and science activities and much more.

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    Emergency Services Award

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    Our Emergency Services Award goes to PC Colin Anderson who is an extremely modest individual and who had no idea he was being nominated for this award. 

    Following the recent New Ferry explosion, there were many people who demonstrated exceptional resolve and resilience in the face of such a tragedy.

    One of these people was PC Colin Anderson, a local neighbourhood officer who was first on the scene just minutes after the colossal blast that caused such terrible damage.  Many stories have emerged following his actions on that day rescuing people from the collapsing buildings and caring for the injured.  He most certainly went above and beyond the call of duty to help people that day.

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    Child of Courage

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    Our Child of Courage award goes to William Magee, who we feel has demonstrated exceptional courage and strength of character for his years.  Aged just seven, he has a rare muscle wasting disease and has been part of a medical trial for several months.  There were no Easter eggs for William this year because as part of these endless medical trials, he has had to give up chocolate.

    He has endured painful biopsies, countless blood tests, MRI scans and many overnight stays in hospital, and has never once complained.  He truly is a Child of Courage.

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    Bravery Award

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    Our Bravery Award goes to Alex Manning, a 14 year old schoolboy from Bebington Sports College who showed great courage and presence of mind on the night of the New Ferry explosion.

    Alex was close to the site of the explosion when he heard a massive bang which he initially thought was a bomb.  But, instead of running away, the brave lad ran towards a busy restaurant opposite the dance studio at the centre of the blast, to offer his help to injured, dazed and disoriented people trapped in the debris.

    After arriving on the scene, he helped guide people away in case there was a second explosion.  He even ran over to a pub over the road to get ice and towels for first aid.  He has been hailed as a local hero for his bravery that night, but in typical Alex fashion, he just says he didn’t stop to think because he knew people needed help.

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    Good Neighbour Award

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    Our Good Neighbour award goes to Anne Parsons, a truly special person who really makes a difference to her local community.

    Anne has spent the last 20 years doing everything she could to help local people, basing herself at the Beaconsfield Community Centre in Tranmere.  She runs a children’s club every week, twice a week, with arts and crafts, snooker, table tennis and other games for children aged from 7 to 14.  

    She also organises a social night once a week for vulnerable and isolated adults with activities such as bingo, and for some of these people it is the only night they get out. 

    As if all this wasn’t enough, Anne also runs the social supermarket at the community centre which uses perfectly edible intercepted food from supermarkets which is fresh produce and food items approaching the end of their use by date, which otherwise would end up being thrown away. 

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    Fundraiser of the Year

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    Our Fundraiser of the Year award goes to Derek Holmes who is someone who  really gives his whole heart and soul to raising funds for numerous local charities.

    Derek has demonstrated continued commitment to fundraising, giving his time, hard work and dedication and really making a difference to some many worthy causes on the Wirral.

    He achieves his success in a most unusual and interesting way – by utilising his old Volkswagen beetle and decorating it to match the requirements of the charitable event whether it be Poppy day for the Royal British legion or a Christmas appeal for Wirral Hospice.  He has done a wonderful job of fundraising over many years and made significant contributions to local charities.

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    Carer of the Year

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    Our Carer of the Year award goes to Keith Furneaux, (PRONOUNCED FURR – NO ) who is a very special carer.

    He is someone to whom friendship means loyalty and commitment even in the worst of circumstances.  For several years now he has been the main carer for his friend Robert Thompson who is a Parkinson’s sufferer, after Robert moved up to the Wirral from the South of England.  Entirely on a voluntary basis and without any obligation on his part to do so, Keith continues to support and care for his friend and goes the extra mile, even paying for accommodation and essential home items when necessary.

    Robert’s mother is elderly and frail and cannot help him.  Before he moved up to the Wirral he had a very poor quality of life.  He rarely went out but now he has a new lease of life.  Keith ensures that Robert gets out and about instead of being stuck in his apartment. 

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    Animal Welfare Champion

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    Our Animal Welfare Champion is Laura Bamber, who really loves animals and has done great work in caring for them.

    Laura works for Wirral Dog Rescue, formerly known as Merseymutts.  Laura frequently sacrifices her own personal time, day or night and often into the small hours to help distressed dogs.  Some of the dogs she helps have been rehomed and have given their unconditional love to their new owner, only to be sent back, with their hearts broken.  She finds foster homes for them, gets them vet checked, liaises with the local RSPCA and other animal welfare groups, and generally makes it her life’s mission to ease the pain and suffering of rescue dogs and help find them a happy home

    She is truly worthy of this award.

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