AP (Education)

Wirral Radio works in partnership with WRAP to provide bespoke intervention and re-engagement strategies for students who require tailored respite learning support outside a mainstream school environment.

Designed and delivered by a highly regarded former Assistant Headteacher from a background of dealing with children who require alternative provision, our focus is on getting the student back into mainstream school.

Working from an approach which focuses on vocational education as a means to reinforce the importance of education we believe every student should come to understand that education is an entitilement, not a punishment or reward.

Our programmes are reinforced through professional personal and group counselling support, and a bespoke curriculum diet that includes:

  • Education recovery, curriculum competence.
  • Soft and social skills
  • Vocational awareness and opportunities
  • Emotional and behavioural resilience and development


 WRAP consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees and partners.

Peter Silcock – Executive Headteacher

No other provider of Alternative Provision in Wirral, has the benefit of having a former Assistant Headteacher of secondary education at the forefront of its curriculum planning and delivery. Peter’s experience of understanding the needs of schools and students ensures that WRAP provides a sustainable programme that focuses on the aspects that will ensure students achieve success.

In addition, Peter has extensive experience in target setting and monitoring progress, and wherever he has worked he has implemented interventions that have driven up standards and progress.


Ian Keyon – Managing Director

Ian Kenyon has been providing professional support to schools as a Governor and consultant for a decade.

Ian’s experience working with external partners ensures that WRAP not only continues to grow in terms of the quality of provision in the local area, but also the opportunities we offer our students.

With 20 years in national and local radio broadcasting, involved in sport from the highest level to youth sport, Ian brings a wealth of industry experience that has helped guide the direction of WRAP and its commercial partners.

E-mail: ian@wirralwrap.co.uk

Leslie Stewart – Counselling support and direction

Les has been a stalwart in the Merseyside education sector for many years. A qualified counsellor, AP co-ordinator and international relations consultant, Les has taught in some of the best and most challenging environments.

Les brings an unrivalled level of experience and understanding of students’ needs, coupled with being one of the most respected voices in the industry, as heard on Wirral Radio, where he is Education Correspondent, and airing his views on Citytalk.